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Romina is a graphic designer and creative currently living in Valencia. She wants to help by creating new powerful and innovative brands.
You can find her reading poems in a lovely garden. 🌼

graphic designer

digital artist

content creator

My background in the creative world:

Very versatile and generalist profile in which different creative routes are worked on.

Project designs

Check out my best UX designs, branding projects and marketing campaigns. Through design, I search for a better world.


Take a look at some of my best pieces. Photography is a form of artistic expression where concepts and ideas come together.


Discover some of my best works as a digital artist. In the world of illustration, everything is possible!


Hi! It’s me again.

I am Romina, a creative based in Alicante, Spain and this is more than my portfolio.


Together we can create powerful, leading-edge brands in line with today’s times.

romina’s diaries

Hi there!

From time to time, I share random stuff about design, photography and the creative world. I hope that,
if you read any post at least it keeps you entertained and makes you have a good time.

Follow me on the journey.

Through design, I search for a better world. Follow me on social and never miss a new project.