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2023 Calendar

    december 2022

    Role: Creative direction, illustrator
    and design.


    • Brand Identity
    • Poster Design
    • Illustrations

    ✨ Happy New Year 2023! ✨
    This year I have decided to create a calendar with the vegetables that belong to each month. So we can follow a conscious and planet-friendly diet at home.

    It was so funny to make it because I decided to draw it without looking at any referents and without the pencil of the iPad. And it just came out like that. Besides, each month has the colour of the vibe it gives me. And January couldn’t be bluer, it’s so cold!

    This year is going to be great, I can feel it! ✨

    Calendars to connect with nature and time. As well as eating a local and conscious diet.

    Follow me on the journey.

    Through design, I search for a better world. Follow me on social and never miss a new project.