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Esencia Foods

    july 2023

    Role: Creative direction and design.


    • Brand Identity
    • Packaging Design
    • Stationary Design
    • Poster Design
    • Social Media

    I am delighted to have created such a colourful and fun visual identity! 

    Esencia Foods is a mycelium-based vegetable fish start-up based in Berlin and Barcelona. In this company, my role is Marketing and Communications Manager.

    Since I joined the company, I have been in charge of creating and renewing the brand completely and adapting it to the needs of the market. This company creates vegan fish from mycelium using biotechnology. And through this design, we structured every attribute and stage in the team. Some illustrations are the laboratory, the Mediterranean, good food and SHARKS! Esencia Foods wants to create a healthy, sustainable, vegan product that will be an excellent alternative to leave the fish 4 the fish.  

    Feed the shark in you.

    Follow me on the journey.

    Through design, I search for a better world. Follow me on social and never miss a new project.