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    february 2022

    Role: Creative direction, illustrator and design.


    • Brand Identity
    • Product Design
    • Screen printing production
    • Illustrations
    • Content media

    Flechazo is a collection inspired by the love that people have for each other, either for other people or for themselves. This collection contains a pack of 20 coupons for romantic dates (to make alone or with someone else) and 2 models of bags printed using the serigraphic technique.

    Super lovely and inspiring phrases bring a little bit of magic and love to our streets.

    Flechazo is a personal artistic project.

    View on Behance.

    Lovely and affectionate phrases to bring more love to our streets.

    Follow me on the journey.

    Through design, I search for a better world. Follow me on social and never miss a new project.