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Merendola Podcast

    march 2021

    Role: Creative direction,
    and photography.

    Team: Bea Rodríguez


    • Brand Identity
    • Photography Product
    • Content media

    Merendola Podcast, as the name implies, is a lifestyle podcast created by Romina Font and Bea Rodríguez. They talk about various topics and interview young people about even more random facts.

    The podcast aims to be entertaining and enjoyable for the viewer and is transmitted with an ironic tone.

    For the naming, we were looking for something simple and memorable as well as funny. And since the podcast is published on Fridays at snack time, the name came about by itself, Merendola, which in Spanish means afternoon snack time.

    View on Behance.

    Merendola a podcast by Romina Font and Bea Rodríguez.

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