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Qué Cuadro

    may 2022

    Role: UX designer, content
    creator and design.

    Team: Thara del Amo, Ramón López
    y Bea Rodríguez.


    • UX app in Figma
    • Website Design
    • Develop AR filter
    • Content Media

    Qué Cuadro is a fictitious campaign made during the last course of Design and Creative Technologies for the subject of Interactive Communication Projects.

    This campaign aims to attract teenagers to museums during the month of June. For the campaign we had to create a mobile app, a website, a game, AR content and more.

    I am honoured to say that in this project we got honours for best campaign, best app, best website, best AR development.

    My role during this project was to create the user experience in the app, create the wireframes and design the interface. Also, to develop the website in WordPress. And finally, creating the social media content and an AR filter for Instagram.

    I loved doing this project with my team because we had a great time and the result was magnificent. It was also our last project together as students <3.

    Soon on Behance.

    The Mirones have arrived in the city and must be captured!

    Wireframe app.
    App prototype in Figma.
    AR Filter on Instagram.
    Instagram feed and AR filter.

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