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    june 2022

    Role: Creative direction, content
    creator and design.


    • Brand Identity
    • Poster Design
    • Editorial Designer
    • Product Design
    • Packaging
    • Photography

    Somia is my final degree project at university. The project which completed Design and Creative Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In this project, I had to develop a product from start to end where all the potential of the student could be used and in what he/she wanted to specialise.

    My project was Somia, a kit to manage emotions through the writing process. The kit contained 5 different tools that helped different areas of the person. Firstly, there was a 7 day challenge to start this new path. Secondly, a diary to develop productivity, habits and gratitude. Then there was a notebook with questions for each emotion or moment the person is going through, to create the habit of journaling. The kit also contained a trifold which was a list of activities to take care of yourself. And finally, motivational playlists for every moment of the day.

    It is, to date, the most important project for me and the one that cost me the most time and effort. I spent from January to June 2022 developing and improving it. In it, I worked on design but also on my other passions of self-knowledge and personal development. This is the final version of which I am deeply proud.

    Soon on Behance.
    Analogue photograph taken in December 2021.

    Exercises to implement your deepest self and cultivate your self-love. Rise to the clouds.

    Logo and icons.
    Analogue photograph taken in December 2021.
    Analogue photograph taken in December 2021.

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